Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Its been a while..

Hi bloggers...I know it's been a while but like a lot of us, I'm still recovering from the holidays..I love Christmas but I'm glad it's done and over..( me Mrs Grinch) Anyways, although I have not been posting much, I have been crafting..well mostly small projects but I wanted to share a BIG project with you guys today. I bought a shadow box for me and my hubby at Hobby Lobby. The shadow box is suppose to represent a locker which would be found in a police locker room. The original box was an ugly finished box with photos of random police officers. I had my awesome FIA make one large box to house two of the exact shadow boxes. Each box were $60 but I use my 50% coupon for each box. My FIA also ordered some glass to fit the unit from Home Depot. I then added the small details inside of the box, including an IPhone, pencils, folders, and socks. I personalized it by adding badge numbers and name tags. I made a pencil using a tooth pick! Check out My Froggy Stuff for the pencil tutorial.

This is the frame my Father-in-law made for me. He is so talented!

This is the original shadow box before I added anything to it.

Here I added the pencils. I wrote in my hubby's badge number on the radio. I also added the emergency button using a gold bling.

I added our badge numbers and name tag. I used a Dymo label maker to make the name tag. I cut a part of the shirt (the back) and made a pocket. I then added a vintage button. I used rub and buff on all the buttons and badges.

A picture of the IPhone was printed off the Internet and backed with black craft foam sheets.

I made the magazine using actually clippings from a real magazine. I went on-line and printed out the cover page from the scrapbooking website.

I painted the frame with gray acrylic paint and then used silver rub and buff..A little goes a long way! The socks are from an 18' doll. I got them from Michael's.

Although this was a huge project, I enjoyed making it. We will always have these memories. I love that our lockers are together..To me this represents how we met..Yes we were partners..many, many years ago! I hope you have enjoyed my project.Please let me know what you think. Big crafty hugs!

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