Tuesday, October 30, 2012


OK, let me warn you! This is a long post! But I wanted to share this awesome tea party I had for my daughters 6ht birthday! Honestly, I did not know how much work this was going to be and with only a month to plan it, well lets just say it was quite overwhelming! Now that its done and over with I can say  Im happy with the end results. It was worth seeing my daughters reaction! She had a blast and I think her friends and cousins had fun as well. Lets get started. 

I made these cute invitations using my Cricut machine. I added a dolliy and used the My Creative Time Tea Party Stamp Set. I use this set thought my projects.

Yes I know! Lots of details right? Let me just say I would have not done this without my BFF Edith and my very good friend Sonia. They helped out a ton. The linens and tea cups were all borrowed (Thank goodness Edith had recently had a tea party wedding..so she had everything!) The plates, silver wear, gloves are all from the dollar store.

Sorry about the bad lighting...It was 80 degrees and the sun just did not want to stay in one spot! The silver wear is actually plastic which looks like real metal. Cool right? I just added some fabric and a dolliy and tied it together with some tulle. I also had a menu for each guest!

These flower pots were also borrowed. Instead of using plastic flowers, I made paper flowers using the MCT Rolled Flower Die.  My place cards were made with the Xl Label Die and Stamp Set. I just printed out the names on cardstock before I cut them out. It was not hard at all.

I bought the mason jars at the grocery store. They were inexpensive and turned out super cute. I bought the paper straws on etsy.com and added a cupcake liner for the lid. I got the idea from pinterest but cannot remember the website. Let me know if it was you so I can give you the credit! I added the MCT Scalloped and Stitched Circle Die. I used the die with the All Around Birthday Time Stamp Set.

Ok, let me just say, it took some work to find these pallets for the signs. I went to several grocery stores who refused to give me even then old broken ones. My friend suggested to look on Craigs list which I did. Someone was giving free pallets away so guess what..I got my butt up early in the morning and drove my hubbys truck to pick them up. They were heavy but boy were they worth it! Thank goodness the hubby is good with his hands because he made me 6 of these in less then 30 minutes! I painted the letters with acrylic paint and added some shadows with a permanent marker. Easy right?? YEA RIGHT! LOL

This was also inspired by Pinterest. Check it out here.

I served Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and of course cucumber sandwiches. I bought the dolls from the thrift store. The trays are from the dollar store minus the tower. 

Most of the decor was already mine minus the doll. My kids think they are creepy looking. lol.

Don't you just love the dolliy banner? I found the idea here.  My poor BFF slaved herself over it and I think she did an awesome job!

Aren't these super cute????? My friend Sonia (who thinks she is not creative) made these, and the cake pops all from scratch. She is super talented. And they were yummy too!!!! 

These paper bags are for the candy bar. I stamped them with the My creative Time Tea Party Stamp Set

This PVC tent was a huge hit! Yes its PVC!!! Well I didn't even know what it was called until I told my hubby about it, again he helped me out on this one. Well, I got all the supplies!! That should count right??? lol..If you are interested in making one of these click here.

Here is a picture of me and my the birthday girl Isabelle. We took off the swings from the playground and hung up these $5 frames from Walmart. They were black but I painted them white and added Distress Ink. I then added a few flowers. We also had a "Dress Up" area, "Face Painting" area "Bean Bag Toss" area, and a "Art Gallery" area..Yes..I know...I over did it! I had a ton of props at the photo booth but the girls were not too interested in taking photos.Grr..Oh well. I did manage to make a few pink mustaches using the MCT Whats Growing on Stamp Set. Cute huh!!! 

These boxes were left over from my friends wedding. I used them as treat bags and filled them with nail polish and jewelry for the little girls. I made the Thank You tag using the Teeny Tag Greetings Stamps Set

Here is a small glimpse of the art gallery! Cute right!!

Ok since my little man was gonna be the only boy here, Sonia brought along her son Andrew. Of course I had to make them a little table.  I used the mustache die for their place cards..I love this picture!!! I don't think they even notice they were the only boys at the party!! 

Ok....I think thats the longest post ever!!! But I really wanted to show you how the party turned out! There were so many little details Im not sure I covered them all. I really hope my daughter remembers this birthday because it will be a long time until I do something like this in the future! Big crafty hugs! If you have any questions please let me know! 


  1. Absolutely incredible! Every detail is perfect! Your daughter (and you) will always treasure memories of this party!

  2. Oh My! You did an amazing job!!!

  3. What an amazing mom you are. Everything turned out perfect! Your daughter is going to cherish the memories from this party so much. WOW! Hugs- Glora

  4. WOW!!Everything is absolutely AMAZING!!Adorable!!

  5. What a fun party!! Love everything you did. Great job and TFS!

  6. Nancy ~ I am speechless! Me ~ speechless! There isn't enough words adjectives in the dictionary to describe this party for Isabella! REALLY there isn't!! I am in AWE of your creativity, your attention to details, and pure TALENT!! Every single picture had so many AWESOME ideas ~ I almost want a baby girl so I can hire YOU to do her tea party!!! APPLAUD, APPLAUD APPLAUD!! Your children are VERY fortunate to have you do these AMAZING things for them! I can't wait for next years party! My invite must have gotten lost in the mail?? LOL HUGE HUGS!!!!

  7. Ok.....seriously????? You have to be the COOLEST mom ever!! This is just AMAZING! What a true fantasy birthday party...how fun!! I can't even imagine how much work that was. You are AWESOME!!

  8. This looks like a FUN PARTY!AWESOME with all the cute projects,BEAUTIFUL job girl!!!:)

  9. Ok, so where was the photographer & publishing editor? You did a job that should be featured in a magazine with a ig glossy spread, simply wonderful! The work, the detail, the talent!! What a wonderful time for your daughter, and such wonderful memories too. Thank you for taking the time to blog about it so you can serve as inspiration for the rest of us!

  10. I love those invitations. My niece is having a tea party for her 4th bday and I'd like to make some decorations. Can you tell me which Cricut cartridge you used??? Thanks!!