Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thomas the Train

Hey Bloggers! Today I wanted to share this project I made for my sons bedroom. Other then posting my Smash pages, I have totally lost my mojo! I can't find it. So today I decided to update my sons bedroom.  Let me show you the before canvas. I bought the canvas at Michael's. (Ironic my son is named Michael Thomas!)  The airplanes were hand drawn which matched his crib sheets. (he will be three in November!) 

I do not paint much but had a hard time painting over these cute little airplanes. I just did not want to see them at a thrift store for 25 cents.I used Gesso to prime them and then used acrylic paint.

Tip: Use a few layers of gesso! I can still see some of the clowns in the end result.

I hand drew the train. 

Its still not dry but I wanted to share it anyways. The end result was very "cartoon" looking but thats what I wanted. His bed sheets are Thomas the train and I was not going for a mixed media painting. Im not Picasso ya know! Anyways, I still need to make the Thomas canvas (This is James, his favorite). I will show you the end result of both paintings. One more tip, make sure you let everything dry before you out line the drawing. I did not wait and my lines were not as straight as I wanted them.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nancy ~ Oh my goodness! I am BEYOND impressed! You not only drew the image but painted it too! WOW! You think you lost your mojo??? After seeing this I think you still have it!!! Way to go on this AMAZING project! I bet your son LOVED it!!!

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